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We are growfoam®


With an increasing wealth and growing world population, it is clear by 2050 our current systems can’t supply suffient amounts of fresh produce for everyone.


High tech agriculture promises to be a great solution, but traditional substrates are the bottleneck in creating a future-proof growing system, and create major challenges in the form of sustainability and availability.


Founded in Groningen, The Netherlands, in 2018 with a mission to revolutionize the substrate market we’ve created the world’s first sustainable, biodegradable and inert grow medium; growfoam




Given the predicted shortage of substrates in the years to come, we strongly believe biopolymers are part of the solution to feed the world population over the next decades. 


And although the revolution is just starting, the new growfoam substrates deliver green, clean, and up to par growth for a variety of crops grown in controlled environment agriculture such as hydroponics and vertical farming. 


With an innovative mindset and an increasing number of partners worldwide we keep improving our grow mediums very day. 


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We are Growfoam

Founded in Groningen, The Netherlands, in 2018 with one goal in mind: enable growers worldwide to produce plentiful and safe food for everyone.

With 20 people, from all around the world and with different specialties, we continuously work to improve our growing media

Makund Singh Devi

Cultivation expert