(Y)our future in controlled environment agriculture starts now.

The future is green

A roadmap to substrate innovations

Q4 2024

Growfoam Gen 2

Improved water holding capacity
Improved foam-to-air ratio
More sizes available
Q2 2025

Soilplugs / shapes

Available in 2025
- Custom shapes and sizes
- Also suitable for pharmaceutical crops, ornamentals, fruits and berries
Q1 2026


- Optimal water-tp-air ratio
- High fresh weight
- Clean. No fibers
- Ready for automation
- Easy handling, sowing & harvesting
- Thin sheets, lower logistic costs

Our future in

Controlled Environment Agriculture


10 billion

By 2030 10 billion plants will grow on growfoam substrates yearly



By 2030 all biopolymers in our substrates will be 100% biobased



By 2030 our complete production will be CO2 negative

Grow together with us

Growfoam Plant

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