General questions

1. What is GROWFOAM® made of?

GROWFOAM® is produced on the basis of fully degradable biopolymers.

2. Which biopolymers are there and which one does GROWFOAM® use?

Biopolymers are either biodegradable, or biobased, or both biobased and biodegradable. GROWFOAM® products are always based on fully degradable products and are located in the green quadrants of the graph below, where a classification has been made on the basis of biobased vs fossil-based and biodegradable vs non-degradable.

3. Do biopolymers come from organic material?

GROWFOAM® works with degradable biopolymers produced from petroleum (fossil based) & degradable biopolymers from organic raw materials (biobased). Fossil based biopolymers are just as biodegradable as (the same) biopolymers from a renewable / biobased source.

4. What is the CO2 footprint of GROWFOAM®

GROWFOAM uses innovative biopolymers that

are often still produced inefficiently, resulting in an increased carbon footprint. However, biopolymer producers are developing rapidly to address this. Furthermore, GROWFOAM® also works closely with suppliers of biopolymers who are able to recover their starting materials from residual flows such as Pagues Biomaterials. Another route to further reduce our carbon footprint.

Our CO2 footprint is between 100-200 kg CO2 / m3 and is reduced to 0 through CO2 compensation via Trees for All.

5. What is the carbon (CO2) footprint of GROWFOAM® in 5 years?

In 5 years we want to have completely reduced our emissions to 0 by making optimal use of biobased and circular raw materials.

6. Are there PFAS or microplastics in GROWFOAM®

No, GROWFOAM® does not contain harmful PFAS additives or microplastics.

7. How is it possible that GROWFOAM® is completely broken down?

The GROWFOAM® biopolymer recipe is completely degradable by bacteria and fungi, with all degradation products being completely absorbed and digested by these microorganisms. Because everything is completely degraded into H2O and CO2, no microplastics or other micro-pollutants are created

8. Is GROWFOAM® industrial composting & home composting certified?

Yes, GROWFOAM® is certified for industrial composing up to a maximum diameter of 26 mm. GROWFOAM® has now started certification processes to also have larger plugs up to 32 mm in diameter certified. These results can be expected at the beginning of 2022. Until then, we recommend reducing larger GROWFOAM® plugs for composting to a diameter of 26 mm or less. Furthermore we expect GROWFOAM® 21mm plugs to be certified for home composting late 2021.

9. Is GROWFOAM® circular?

Yes. Unused plugs and residual materials from our production process can be melted back into raw material granules, from which completely new GROWFOAM® can be made.