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growfoam® is the next-gen growing medium. Made from bio-polymers and 100% bio-degradable. Certified by the TUV for home- and industrial composting. Available in different sizes and suitable for a range of growing systems. Growfoam® is clean, safe to use and ready for automation.

100% biodegradable. TUV Certified. Clean. Safe to use. Ready for automation.

Reduced CO2 footprint 100% bio-degradable Safe to use TUV certified for home composting

The break-through in microgreens and fine herbs cultivation

In the ever-evolving world of agriculture and horticulture, innovation is the key to sustainable and efficient cultivation practices. Enter Growfoam Soil, a groundbreaking solution that is revolutionizing the way we grow microgreens and fine herbs. This biodegradable substrate represents a significant leap forward in the realm of soil alternatives, offering a host of benefits for both growers and the environment.

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for microgreens and fine herbs



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