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growfoam® is the next-gen growing medium. Made from bio-polymers and 100% bio-degradable. Certified by the TUV for home- and industrial composting. Available in different sizes and suitable for a range of growing systems. Growfoam® is clean, safe to use and ready for automation.

100% biodegradable. TUV Certified. Clean. Safe to use. Ready for automation.

Reduced CO2 footprint 100% bio-degradable Safe to use Ready for automation

Up to par performance

Growfoam’s performance is almost up to par with traditional substrates such as peat or cococoir. In general our partners see a 80% yield compared to peat. Exceptions up to 110% compared to peat are no exceptions though. On average the reduced yield on growfoam® is compensated by a drastic decrease in waste management costs due to the bio-degradation of growfoam®
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